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Corporate Law

What is Corporate Law?

Corporate law encompasses the many rules, statutes, codes, and regulations that are established which govern commercial relationships and provide a legal framework within which businesses may be conducted and managed. Corporate law is highly diverse and includes areas such as:

  • Business formation and organization
  • Transactional Business Law (Contracts)
  • Business Planning
  • Business Negotiations
  • Mergers and Acquistion
  • Divestitures


Why do I need a Corporate Law attorney?

You need a business attorney to protect you in connection with your business dealings.  A well-drafted agreement (or set of documents) is equivalent to a good insurance policy in the event of a dispute or litigation.   A business attorney will also identify significant risks, help negotiate business terms and make introductions.

What kind of corporate legal services do you provide?

All kinds – from startup counseling (e.g., helping you choose and form the most appropriate entity for your venture) to angel and venture capital financings to mergers and acquisitions to restructurings.

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