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Foreclosure Defense

Our firm serves clients throughout the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area with all types of foreclosure defense situations, including those involving foreclosure alternatives such as short sale, regular sale, deed in lieu, forced deed in lieu, robo-signers, bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, loan modification and strategic mortgage default.

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Asset Protection

Asset protection consists of methods available to protect assets from liabilities arising elsewhere. The goal of all asset protection planning is to insulate assets from claims of creditors without concealment or tax evasion. Need help protecting your assets, find out how we can help.

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Corporate Law

Corporate law is the legal framework that encompasses rules and regulations that govern commercial relationships and impact how companies are conducted and managed.

The Law Office of Adam I. Skolnik, P.A. advises businesses, ranging from startups to thriving enterprises, on international, federal, state, and local business law.

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Bankruptcy is a process in which consumers and businesses can eliminate or repay some or all of their debts under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court. For the most part, bankruptcies can be divided into two types — liquidation and reorganization. For clear-cut answers, information, and strategies you need to figure out whether bankruptcy is the right choice, we’re here to help.

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